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The purpose of the mission is to provide humanitarian support to the Children of Ukraine.

The situation requires action on many levels: from aid on the Ukrainian side, through support in the border zone, to support for those who have already reached Poland. We have chosen medical and nutritional assistance as our main goals. In the short-term perspective, we are responding to the current needs of local government  on both sides of the border, ensuring the supply of medicines, but also helping to help and equip the places where mothers with children come: we acquire tents, heaters, bedding, meals. We are also involved in the organization of psychological support.

PMC actively provides medical and nutritional care for Ukrainian children from orphanages,(including disabled children), who are currently staying in the centres on the Polish side.

Meanwhile we are working on long-term solutions to facilitate access to high-calorie meals. We analyzed for a long time how it could be organised,  also with the help of experience from missions in remote corners of the world. After calculating,and checking the  logistics, we decided to transport the high-calorie Plumpy'Nut paste by Nutriset. The price per item is about 1.20 PLN for more than 500 kcal and is tasty, which is important for kids.

Nutriset offers an additional doubling of the order quantity as a form of support for the mission .

Altogether, we can send a container of up to 200,000 food rations. On the Ukrainian side, we cooperate with transport companies responsible for delivery of food and medicines to the places where they are mostly needed.

Location of PMC activities: Polish-Ukrainian border in Krościenko and transport deep into Ukraine.

The necessary budget for the implementation of the project: PLN 95,000 (22 000$)


Plumpy'Nut is a ready-to-eat therapeutic paste made of peanuts with the addition of vegetable oil, powdered milk, vitamins and minerals. It is distributed in single-use sealed small sachets. One package provides as much as 500 kcal! The paste is used, for example, by UNICEF all over the world, especially in humanitarian disaster areas and wherever hunger threatens people's lives. It is very easy to use - just cut off the corner of the sachet and eat its contents.


For PLN 12 (3$), you can support the victims of war with meals worth 5,000 kcal







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During the implementation of the project, the primary goal of PMC is to provide medical and humanitarian aid, mainly to children and mothers in need.

200 000


Nutriset is a producer of high-calorie specialized food for malnourished children and pregnant women, from which we plan to buy 200,000 food portions. We will get the second amount for free as part of the support for refugees and people fighting against the occupier.

30 000


Our logistics department has set the goal of delivering specialized food, drugs and medical assortment to the areas of warfare. In Ukraine, transport companies and volunteers, who are our friends, are ready to deliver the purchased food exactly where it is most needed at the moment.

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