We are a non-governmental organization       NON-PROFIT, we are guided by a sincere desire to help people in need. Our activities are mainly aimed at medical support and fight against malnutrition among children and pregnant women in third world countries. Our mobile clinic is equipped with professional diagnostic tools, thanks to which we effectively recognize patients' ailments and help them consciously. Thanks to our actions, we improve the quality of life of patients and prevent the deterioration of diseases.

PMC provides aid completely free of charge, funds for its implementation come from individual donors.



The idea of PMC is based on getting to places which arehard to reach,where there is often a complete lack of medical care. As a mobile clinic, we change the location every few days to help as many patients as possible.


We put our whole heart into our work. The willingness to help and the opportunities set the directions for creating new humanitarian projects. Despite many difficult and uncomfortable situations, our team of volunteers does not give up and fights for a better future, both for our patients and for ourselves, because we believe that good energy returns :)


We provide medical and nutritional support to people in need in the poorest regions of the world. Our activities are comprehensive. They include research, diagnosis of diseases and providing medical support, as well as providing free medicines to those in need. In case of anemia, we provide specialized, high-calorie food.


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We are a group with one goal - the willingness to help those in need. Our team consists of people with an outstanding level of empathy and various types of professions.



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Our foundation is made up of people full of faith in a better future. If you feel the need to help, you are a medic or a person with a great heart willing to support PMC development, write to us.

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